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sirgoran writes: "This is an interesting situation. I have a client that learned that someone posted a less than kind note on a site that hosts complaints about businesses. My question is this. Have others had to deal with this and how did you remedy a clients reputation? In the case of my client, the person that posted the complaint at listed in her complaint tons of false information and misleading statements. While she, the complainer has been funding Nigerian 419 scams by sending them money (nearly all she has) and has said that "she would remove her complaint for a small donation". While the website she posted on ( has refused to change or remove the complaint stating that they don't care if it's true or not. What would slashdot do if this happened to them or their clients?"
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The Rip-off report

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  • I'm pretty sure that writing false harmful statements about someone is illegal, so you could try suing them. WHOIS at least thinks they're in AZ, but that's probably just their hosting provider...

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