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Submission + - "Hackers on steroids" declare war on Scien (

modemac writes: "Last week, a Scientology video featuring Tom Cruise was forced off of YouTube and other sites by the organization's all-too-familiar legal threats. It seems this was the catalyst for the denizens of 4chan and its sister sites to launch a massive worldwide attack against the Church of Scientology. Over the past week, Scientology domains and Web sites have been taken down by DDOS attacks, phone numbers have been flooded with prank calls, and the infamous "secret Scientology documents" that took the Net by storm in the mid-1990s have re-surfaced once again. The same group of "hackers on steroids" who took down racist radio host Hal Turner (and were laughingly "exposed" by Fox News last year) got it into their heads to take on the Evil Empire of the Internet. The result so far: EPIC LULZ. A a very brief summary of the whole affair can be found on this Web site explaining the ANONYMOUS hacker group, with links to other sources of information."
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"Hackers on steroids" declare war on Scien

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