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KentuckyFC writes: "On 28 July 2006, Russian astronomers recorded the spectrum of a faint meteor as it burned up in the Earth's atmosphere (abstract on the physics arXiv). It soon became clear that this was no ordinary meteor. It hit the atmosphere at 300 kilometres per second, an order of magnitude faster than other meteors and faster than the Earth's velocity relative to anything else in the Milky Way. For this and other reasons, the astronomers conclude that the meteor must have come from beyond our galaxy."
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Extragalactic meteor observed over Russia

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  • Could it be a chunk of a planet that got obliterated in a supernova explosion in our own galaxy?

    I think a supernova could give it the required kick to appear to be extragalactic.
  • "This fact leads us to conclude that we observed an intergalactic particle, which is at rest with respect to the mass centroid of the Local Group and which was "hit" by the Earth," they say.
    So it's our fault.

    Don't blame me, I was off duty in my cabin, drunk.
  • ...our trans-galactic voyage was brought to a fiery end when we were struck by a large blue super-planet, millions of times the size of our own. Fortunately we beamed to safety and are now living in a world inhabited by unbelievably gigantic apes.

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