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Submission + - New Spectrum Internet Terms of Service 1

An anonymous reader writes: Moved to a new place. Signed up for Spectrum internet. After 2 months, service dropped out. I couldn't get an upstream link. Exchanged modem at customer service. Now, new modem (or the refreshed account) has a web capture portal when I use Firefox, but not Chrome. I have to agree to Terms of Service. Home web server is prohibited (I think that was same for Time Warner). Squid web proxy prohibited. Not using their DNS prohibited. VPN server into home network prohibited.
"Running any type of server on the system that is not consistent with personal, residential use. This includes but is not limited to FTP, IRC, SMTP, POP, HTTP, SOCS, SQUID, NTP, DNS or any multi-user forums. "
"running a tunnel or proxy to a server at another host or (ii) hosting"
"Open, unencrypted wireless networks are strictly prohibited."
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New Spectrum Internet Terms of Service

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  • I've read their TOS and know of the above. I called them up asking if a Tor client would be ok. Three support people no one knew what Tor was, so sure that would be fine. I still haven't put one online.

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