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Submission + - So how much Trojan Malware is Google hosting anyway?

blackest_k writes: So I get sent this Link to a Google drive document

With a Pdf file which looks like a video that links to

which looks like a youtube page but everything tells you to install this chrome extension to install a 'codec'

Pretty sure it's going to be bad news.
So thats a document on Google's drive, linking to a phishing page on Google's,
linking to malware packaged and hosted on Google's chrome webstore.

So that's 3 of Google's sites + a fake version of Google's Youtube. All being used to distribute this malware and to top things off Google chrome will install the 'extension' on every device I use Google Chrome (that might be a dozen devices). The original link came to me via a contact on facebook probably via that extension manipulating their account running in Chrome. Which is making this cross platform. Shouldn't Google be doing more to keep malware from served up on its servers?
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So how much Trojan Malware is Google hosting anyway?

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