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Submission + - Upgraded Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator Resumes Operations

Myrdos writes: The Wendelstein 7-X, the largest stellarator-type fusion generator in the world, has resumed operations after a 15-month upgrade. Over 8,000 graphite wall tiles have been installed in the plasma vessel, which protect the vessel walls and permit plasma discharges lasting up to 10 seconds. The Wendelstein 7-X can now achieve 80 megajoules of energy throughput, compared with 4 megajoules in 2016. Previously, the microwave heating had only been able to heat essentially just the electrons. Both the electrons and ions in the new plasma will have almost equal temperatures of up to 70 million degrees, meeting power plant requirements.

Newly enlisted measuring instruments will also allow observation of turbulence in the plasma for the first time: The small eddies entailed influence how successful magnetic confinement and thermal insulation of the hot plasma are, which determine the size of a future power plant and hence its economical merit. Project Head Professor Thomas Klinger says “We shall be able for the first time to check whether the promising predictions of theory for a completely optimised stellarator are correct”.
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Upgraded Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator Resumes Operations

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