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Submission + - Hitachi Introduces World's 1st 500GB 2.5 Inch HDD ( 1

XueCast writes: "Today, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has just announced that they currently are preparing to release the world's first half Terabyte 2.5 inch Hard Disk Drive units in February 2008. The new 500GB HDD units will be released as a part of Hitachi's popular portable HDD family, the Travelstar. Hitachi will release two models of these new Travelstar HDD units, the 5K500 and the E5K500. Travelstar 5K500 HDD units will be released first in February and they will be cheaper but will have less features than their E5K500 counterparts, which will see the store shelves later in the mid 2008."
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Hitachi Introduces World's 1st 500GB 2.5 Inch HDD

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  • I first thought that it was an amazing 250GB per platter, but no its 166GB/platter to make 500GB (same density as scorpio but 1 more platter, less STR for some reason according to datasheets).
    It won't fit into most laptop chassis because of the increased height of the drive. I'm sure it will have awesome sequential transfer rate speeds, (close to the speed of the 320GB scorpio), 2.3w seeking, 1.9 watts when reading and writing and 0.7 watts when at low-power idle. Its Seek time according to it's datasheet

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