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Submission + - Hitachi releases half-terabyte notebook drive ( 5

Lucas123 writes: "Hitachi has released its Travelstar 5K500 2.5-inch disk drive that has 500GB capacity and spins at 5,400 rpm with a 3Gbit/sec Serial Advanced Technology Attachment interface. At the same time, Asus announced a 1TB laptop that incorporates two 500GB drives. The Asus M70 will be launched at CES next week. It comes optionally equipped with a digital/analog TV tuner and video recording capability. The Hitachi will be available in February for about $350 for a 400GB version and about $400 for a 500GB version."
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Hitachi releases half-terabyte notebook drive

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  • The idea that a company can shove a bunch of hard drives, memory, a huge display, and all sorts of wizbang crap into a (I'm doing the finger quotey marks in the air) "laptop" doesn't really impress me at all. If anything it cheapens the idea of a laptop.

    Laptops are supposed to be portable and powerful enough to perform your tasks while still adhering to the first criteria: comfortably portable.

    Shoving two 500GB drives and a TV tuner into a laptop... meh. Do that in a frame the size of X61s Thinkpad and make
  • WANT ONE!!!
  • I first thought that it was an amazing 250GB per platter, but no its 166GB/platter to make 500GB (same density as scorpio but 1 more platter, less STR for some reason according to datasheets).
    It won't fit into most laptop chassis because of the increased height of the drive. I'm sure it will have awesome sequential transfer rate speeds, (close to the speed of the 320GB scorpio), 1.9 watts when reading and writing and 0.7 watts when idle. Its Seek time according to it's datasheet seems in line with the rest
    • Correction, its 0.7 watts when in the low power idle mode, performance idle is at 1.8 watts, and seeking takes 2.3 watts (reading/writing 1.9w), according to the datasheet.
      Not bad for 3 platters.
  • at how long a battery charge would last?

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