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Submission + - 3 Reasons to Realign your Hiring Strategy

Shiv Kumar Gupta writes: Organizations around the world are realigning their hiring strategy to adjust to the rapidly changing business environment and attain the numero uno position. There is a massive transformation underway in the way people do business. Access to remote work and technology has changed the definition of work, with more people working from home or off-site, and many more as Freelancers.
Here are 3 reasons why you should realign your hiring strategy

Rapidly growing Marketing Dynamics
Uncertain changes make it difficult for any business to recruit the skilled talent. Hiring full-time employees can drive up costs significantly and this strategy is not flexible enough to meet fast-changing business dynamics while Independent consultants or contractors are professionals in their fields who offer a great degree of expertise and ownership.

Reduced Costs & Quality
Although the recruitment process may appear to be working, Organizations are unaware of the underlying inconsistencies and inefficiencies that come along with full-time employees impacting costs and quality. Hiring a freelancer can help your organization save up to 20-30% annually and at the same time get the qualification, expertise and experience required.

Staffing flexibility
Working with Independent Consultants allow organizations greater flexibility to adjust with wavering workload and major headcount changes. You can hire an Independent Consultant for a specific task or project, knowing that the work will be done as Independent consultants run their own business and they thrive to please and satisfy you which in turn makes your organization a repeat customer. While full-time staff members' performance may go up and down, Independent consultants know the contract is always subject to renewal.
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3 Reasons to Realign your Hiring Strategy

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