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Submission + - Dashcode as the new iPhone API: is it good enough? (

TheCouchPotatoFamine writes: "So as part of the 300 new features that Leopard provides, there is a little thing called "Dashcode" that purports to make it very easy to make Dashboard widgets for sharing and trading on OSX. It's a fully visual buider with templates, examples, and tutorials. Looking at it objectively, it seems terribly obvious that this will be the API/SDK that Apple will introduce come February for the iPhone. Like the Wizard of Oz, it seems probable that we'll be told we've had access to it the whole time! So, for the slashdot crowd, what do you think? Is that walled off javascript environment — as nice and point and click as it is — enough to sate your thirst? Will the proprietary apple javascript extensions they reveal give enough oomph to make compelling apps? Now is the time to ask, because, if i'm right, we have their SDK bared for the Trial of the Slash. Discuss!"
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Dashcode as the new iPhone API: is it good enough?

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