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Submission + - Wikimedia COO a felon (physorg.com) 1

ArrayIndexOutOfBound writes: "physorg.com has an article about Carolyn Doran, COO of Wikimedia. "Before she left [Wikimedia] in July, Carolyn Bothwell Doran, 45, had moved up from a part-time bookkeeper for the Wikimedia Foundation and spent six months as chief operating officer, responsible for personnel and financial management. At the time, she was on probation for a 2004 hit-and-run accident in Virginia that had landed her seven months in prison. Doran had multiple drunken-driving convictions, and records show earlier run-ins for theft, writing bad checks and wounding her boyfriend with a gunshot to the chest.""
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Wikimedia COO a felon

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  • Do personal concerns reflect upon the business activities of the person? If she was really good at her job, then why would the association with Wikimedia Foundation (or related orgs) be a problem? Perhaps it would be of concern if sentencing made her unavailable for work, or if felonies involved financial irregularities, but this seems not to be the case.

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