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Submission + - Nerds steroids for the Brain

sm62704 (mcgrew) writes: "Several papers, including the Chicago Tribune (bugmenot required) and LA Times are running stories about brain-enhansing drugs like adderal and Provigil. From the Times:

Despite the potential side effects, academics, classical musicians, corporate executives, students and even professional poker players have embraced the drugs to clarify their minds, improve their concentration or control their emotions.

"There isn't any question about it — they made me a much better player," said Paul Phillips, 35, who credited the attention deficit drug Adderall and the narcolepsy pill Provigil with helping him earn more than $2.3 million as a poker player.
My opinion on geek enhansing drugs is the same as jock enhansing drugs. I have no problem. They say Babe Ruth did it on babes and beer, but cocaine was legal then and there wre no drug tests. Give me a million bucks and I'll take damned near anything.

What's your take on it? Should these drugs be sanctioned, outlawed, or ignored?"
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Nerds steroids for the Brain

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