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Submission + - A different story to the gender pay gap

malkavian writes: There's been a lot of talk over recent years around the "Gender pay gap", where analyses have been saying that women earn far less than men for exactly the same work.This seems to have been generally accepted, and widely touted. However, according to The Economist, this may not be the case at all for nearly every case, with the outlier being at the very top of the organisation,where women do indeed seem to be paid less.
The widely touted figure is that women earn 29% less than men, and on Slashdot, along with many other places on the internet, heated discussions have been commonplace, with all kinds of theories as to why it would be fair to have a woman sat next to a man doing exactly the same work, yet earning a third less for the effort. It seems that this doesn't actually happen. The average pay gap where it exists is approximately 1%. The article does further say that this does not mean that there isn't sex discrimination in the workplace, as women tend to be doing lesser paid roles on the whole. It does say that there are no clear signals as to why this occurs yet, indicating further research would be needed. The consultancy releasing the figures recommends that when submitting pay details (as required in the UK for large organisations), organisations further break the returns down by job role, such that identification of like work can be picked up for analysis.
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A different story to the gender pay gap

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