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Submission + - Why are some HD shows S T R E T C H E D? ( 1

Chris Albrecht writes: "There's some science behind some TV networks distorting their shows to fit a widescreen format. TBS uses an algorithm to determine where the action is taking place. It keeps that ratio normal and stretches the rest of the image to fit the screen. Research also says people prefer the stretched image to the original. What do you think?"
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Why are some HD shows S T R E T C H E D?

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  • Standard def widescreen has been around for years, complete with idiots that like watching normal channels in 'fat mode'. However, I don't think that supplying the signal ready stretched is a good idea. It would be better to supply 4:3 signal (HDTV does have a 4:3 mode doesn't it?) and let the receiving end mess with it.

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