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Submission + - Loss of Top Cyber Officials Spells Challenge for Trump (

cdreimer writes: According to a report by The Hill, top cyber officials leaving the Secret Service, Office of Personnel and Management (OPM), Navy, and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and many others who are serving on an acting basis in other departments, presents a challenge for the Trump Administration to fill key positions in government cyber security.

The Trump administration has lost a handful of individuals serving in top cybersecurity roles across the federal government in recent weeks, even as it has struggled to fill high-ranking IT positions. The developments present hurdles for the new administration and speak to the longstanding challenge the federal government faces in competing with the private sector for top tech talent. Among those resigning is Richard Staropoli, a former U.S. Secret Service agent who served as chief information officer (CIO) of the Department of Homeland Security for just three months before announcing abruptly that he would leave. Staropoli, who as recently as June forecast big plans to reorganize the department’s information technology office, will officially leave the post at the start of September, turning the role over to his deputy on a temporary basis. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is also about to lose its top IT official, with news that CIO Dave DeVries has resigned from his position and will leave in September after about a year on the job. The OPM has been under intense scrutiny from lawmakers and others since 2015, when it was revealed that a breach of its data systems resulted in personal information on more than 21 million Americans being exposed to Chinese hackers.

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Loss of Top Cyber Officials Spells Challenge for Trump

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