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Submission + - FFXI accounts jacked by trojan keylogger 2

An anonymous reader writes: A trojan virus targeting the players of the MMO Final Fantasy XI was released through a popular community page ( The virus keylogs players' account information and uses it to steal their accounts, strip them of sellable gear, and sometimes to put them to use as Real Money Trade bots. No official word on exactly how many accounts were stolen, but the thefts seem to have started at the end of November and haven't stopped since. World of Warcraft players may also be at risk. One community responded by identifying the infection and making lists of stolen accounts. Square-Enix responds on the game's homepage by reminding everyone that the "Starlight Festival is almost here"!
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FFXI accounts jacked by trojan keylogger

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  • It is important to note that Square-Enix has absolutely no method of retrieving a stolen account, while almost all other MMO's have some methods in place. Thus anyone who lost an account due to this hack is completely screwed at the moment.

    Also worth mentioning is that this is not the first time a fan site has been compromised resulting in hacked accounts. Several years ago, Allakhazam was infected with the fucksnow trojan.

    Ironically, has a message from SE posted on its' front page regarding
  • If SE isn't willing to help with account recovery, your best bet is probably to do a chargeback on your card. Even if the current credit card has been changed, you typically have 90 days which allows you to chargeback the previous 2-3 payments before the jacking.

    Such a move will cause "your" account to get locked immediately, and while you won't get your character back, you can deny RMTers any use of it. And who knows, maybe someday you can get it recovered when all the dust settles. At the very least, i

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