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Submission + - The Tesler 2 Binary Options Robot Scam (

dryriver writes: A company named Tesler 2 ( lures people to its "trading app" — which doesn't actually exist in any app store — with an enticing viral internet video that claims that you will make 5,700 Dollars or more a day, and your first Million in six months, using this brilliantly designed autotrading app. The Tesler 2 "promo video" appears all over the internet and is really worth watching in full ( It features everything from claims that truly amazing analytical technology is being put at your disposal, to fake testimonials from paid actors (including one supposed missionary stationed in Africa and hoping to build a hospital for the poor) claiming to have become rich quick thanks to Tesler. The only problem? Tesler 2 is a scam operation that takes 300 Dollars from you immediately, takes you to a very poorly designed trading page virtually designed to ensure you lose that money quickly, has no actual "trading app" to download anywhere and uses an unregistered off-shore broker to conduct its trades to boot. Even more amazing is that this scam operation continues to advertise on the internet, and that the promo video features scammers and actors talking directly into the camera with their faces in full view, pretending to put you "on the road to amazing riches".
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The Tesler 2 Binary Options Robot Scam

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