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Submission + - Garage Inventor May Cure Cancer

clintonogamy writes: A retired cancer survivor in Florida has invented a machine in his garage that uses RF to kill cancer cells. In brief, nanoparticles of gold or carbon that are coated to stick to cancer cells are injected into the patient, then the RF from his machine heats them, killing only the coated cells. It is now being investigated by a research team at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.
From TFA...

"I noticed young kids losing their smiles, losing their hair. And I said to myself, 'Today's chemotherapy is cruel. There's gotta be a better way to cure cancer,'" Kanzius told ABC News. ... Using pie pans, spare parts from ham radios and know-how from his days as a radio engineer, he invented the first generation of what would become a machine that uses radio waves — not radioactivity — to fight cancer.
I wonder if it can run Linux...
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Garage Inventor May Cure Cancer

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