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Submission + - Harmonix: Activision Is Preventing Rock Band Patch ( 1

XueCast writes: "Many gamers have asked for guitar controller compatibility between Guitar Hero and Rock Band, because of that, Harmonix had developed a patch that can make that happen. The compatibility patch has allegedly been approved by Sony Computer Entertainment, and is ready to be released. But Activision, the publisher of the Guitar Hero series is not very happy with the patch at all, and the patch's release is currently being blocked by the Santa Monica based video game publisher company."
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Harmonix: Activision Is Preventing Rock Band Patch

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  • Why does Activision have any say over a patch for a game that they did not develop, did not publish and have absolutely ZERO rights over? Even DMCA cant apply here since this kind of thing is exactly what the interoperability clause in the DMCA is for.

    Unless an IP violation has taken place (e.g. patents held by Activision), I dont see how Activision can hold this up.

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