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Submission + - Publishers have lost $13.4 Billion this year because of AdBlock 3

rudy_wayne writes: Easylist, the popular AdBlock filter list has been the target of a DMCA takedown notice.. Two days ago, a commit appeared in the Easylist repo on Github, removing the domain "functionalclam.com" from Easylist, following a DMCA takedown notice filed with Github.

That domain appears to be owned by US-based anti-adblocking company Admiral who claims that publishers have lost $13.4 Billion so far this year, due to AdBlock.

According to a comment on the EasyList repo, functionalclam.com is not an ad server but is part of Admiral's copyright access control platform that they provide to publishers. Admiral claims that blocking functionalclam.com amounts to "circumventing a publisher’s copyright access control technology" in violation of the DMCA.
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Publishers have lost $13.4 Billion this year because of AdBlock

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  • Change the title to "AdBlock filter list has been targeted by DMCA" or something for it to be considered publish.

    Also about the current title, the Publishers didn't lose $13.4 Billion this year because of AdBlock. They claimed to have lost $13.4 Billion this year because of AdBlock.

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