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Submission + - Study: smoking still bad, even it doesn't, well, smoke (

cheros writes: Big tobacco has not given up, especially not suppressing independent research.

A Washington Post article at suggests that their newest "smokeless" product may not be quite as benign as its marketing suggests and, unsurprisingly, the people who produced the independent study have apparently been threatened to the point of not wanting to discuss their study. The article contains a link to a copy of their study as well as a link to the rebuttal.

The WaPo article contains but one fault: It states This is the company, they point out, that makes Marlboro — the world’s best-selling cigarette — and misled the public for years about the hazards of smoking..

That should be decades.

For now, the study can still be found at

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Study: smoking still bad, even it doesn't, well, smoke

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