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Submission + - Toshiba Sued Over Word Processing by Ex-employee ( 1

Tech.Luver writes: "apan-Today is reporting on Toshiba corp is being sued by a former employee for about 260 million yen ($2.34 million) in remuneration for the profits the firm reaped from the basic technologies he invented for Japanese language word processing software. Japan-Today further writes, "Shinya Amano, who is now a professor at the Shonan Institute of Technology, said in his written complaint that although the firm obtained patents for the technologies in conjunction with him and three others, and paid him tens of thousands yen annually in remuneration, he actually developed the technologies alone. ( )"
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Toshiba Sued Over Word Processing by Ex-employee

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  • ...260 million yen ($2.34 million) ... and paid him tens of thousands yen annually in remuneration...

    So they paid him hundreds of dollars annually? According to the article, they only paid him $2,000 in two years.

    Of course, the article is missing details such as what he did, what his position was, and what the patent is.

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