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slowboy writes: "Science Blog reports that a $100 billion fix for global warming may not work. The discredited 'fix' is the fertilization of potentially millions of tons of iron or other nutrients into the ocean to promote an algae bloom. If this was to work then the algae would start sucking the carbon out of the atmosphere and reduce the effects of a major greenhouse gas. But guess what, that may just not work, regardless of how it would disrupt the ocean's ecosystem. It seems that the carbon may not get pumped into the deeper ocean, it may just lie near the surface and get taken back up into the atmosphere. Fortunately we are finding this out now, and not after $100 billion of you're, mine and others tax money went to the scheme."
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$100 Billiion 'Fix' For Global Warming Discredited

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  • Now we just need to wait for the rest of the "science" behind AGW to also be discredited. (Shouldn't be too long: The southern hemisphere hasn't warmed at all, and global average temperatures have been decreasing since around 1998.)

    Of course, all the fudging of data, and dodgy computer models used to support the AGW hypothesis will end up having a detrimental affect on how the lay person views science in the future as a result of this scare campaign...
    • by qmaqdk ( 522323 )

      ... and global average temperatures have been decreasing since around 1998.
      I guess Wikipedia needs an update then. []
    • by UdoKeir ( 239957 )
      The southern hemisphere hasn't warmed at all

      Really? This paper [] would suggest otherwise. Here are the graphs [] that illustrate the warming of the southern hemisphere.
    • Things are cooling off?

      How would that support an overall increase in atmospheric humidity?

      How would that explain the before and after pics of my grandparents standing in front of a glacier? In the first pic, the glacier is right near the road, in the second, the glacier has retreated several kilometers up the valley. The picture was taken from the same place beside the road both times.

      Whether or not we are contributing to global warming, the global climate is changing.

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