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Submission + - NASA to scientists: Reveal sex history or lose job 1

Markmarkmark writes: "Wired is reporting that all NASA JPL scientists must 'voluntarily' (or be fired) sign a document giving the government the right to investigate their personal lives and history 'without limit'. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists this includes snooping into sexual orientation, mental & physical health as well as credit history and 'personality conflict'. 28 senior NASA scientists and engineers, including Mars Rover team members, refused to sign by the deadline and are now subject to being fired despite a decade or more of exemplary service. None of them even work on anything classified or defense related. They are suing the government and documenting their fight for their jobs and right to personal privacy."
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NASA to scientists: Reveal sex history or lose job

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  • The article doesn't really state that they will be fired for anything except for non-compliance of filling out the voluntary form. As far as privacy is concerned, I can understand both sides. The first side is that you won't want someone to hold any information against you in a cruel or unusual way. The second side is that they are working with sensitive equipment, not to mention it is a government funded program.

    The problem I have is that the website which goes over what they are fighting over pretty much

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