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bobintetley writes: Many Linux/Firefox users are reporting problems uploading images to eBay. Having tested this myself, it is indeed completely broken. Why eBay would break standard HTTP uploads by using IE specific javascript to "check the file exists" boggles the mind. This problem has been reported to eBay since late October, but so far with no resolution. eBay have since stated that only IE is supported. I guess when you have no real competition you can pull stunts like this.
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Linux Users Can't Sell On eBay

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  • A few months ago Skype had a contest in which Paypal users who sent money by Skype could win a wifi phone. The catch: the Paypal integration was only in the Windows version of Skype. So Linux users could not enter the contest. I wrote to Skype and after FOUR copy-paste we-didn't-even-read-your-email replies and my counterreplies, I got this:

    Thank you for contacting Skype Support. Unfortunately, the Skype SendMoney feature is only available when using Skype 3.2 version for Windows. Therefore we can not help you in this case. We apologise for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience.

    But I'm not sore at Skype for discriminating against the Linux users. I'm actually rather grateful that they even _have_ a Linux client of their software available. Sur

  • This is not the first time [].

    A fix was promissed on the 19th [] by richr.rcs from ebay []. Have they delivered? Christmas is a bad time of year to have a problem like this.

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