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An anonymous reader writes: Australia's biggest ISP Bigpond, part of the largest telco Telstra, has removed all downloads from their free downloads mirror Bigpond Files Library. The Library main page indicates that the reason for this was to promote their new Java-based hosted office suite Bigpond Office, adding that "BigPond has launched a number of new applications that provide similar functionality to some existing application files in the file library and therefore those files have been removed". With the OO.o files no longer available as free downloads, Bigpond OO.o users will be forced to download from other locations and have those downloads count against their quota. Bigpond's quotas are among the most severe in the world according to a recent OECD report (30 KB XLS) , and with typical OO.o downloads amounting to over half the quota of Bigpond's least expensive (and most popular) plan, download costs of about AUS$15 for OO.O are possible.
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Top Australian ISP removes

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  • The real issue would seem to be that you have an AOL type setup. Internet Gateway (Gatekeeper).

    Maybe complaining about the ridiculous prices instead of the specific packages that are not available would make more sense?
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      The real issue would seem to be that you have an AOL type setup. Internet Gateway (Gatekeeper).

      BigPond is actually a part of Telstra (the incumbent/"monopolistic" telco). As such they do their best to velcro end-users into as much of a "walled garden" view of "the internet" as they can. All their business practices are based around giving users very little product, for relatively high prices, all the while proclaiming (very loudly) that they provide the best service. JimBob AverageUser doesn't know any better, all he knows is what the advertising tells him, so he's "happy" with Telstra BigPond, even

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