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Submission + - Windows XP SP3 Yields Performance Gains ( 2

hairyfeet writes: "OSNews is reporting that after an abysmal showing by Vista SP1 in the latest benchmarks that, surprisingly, Windows XP SP3 showed a marked improvement over SP2, gaining around ten percent in performance in the benchmarks. Considering that Microsoft has kept pushing forward the end of life date on XP due to customer and PC manufacturer demand, one has to wonder how wise it is for them to release a service pack that makes the older XP even faster than it already was compared to Vista."
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Windows XP SP3 Yields Performance Gains

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  • IMHO the strategy is:

    - Vista is officially the best OS there. Keep telling that to noobs.

    - get Windows 7 out ASAP, talk about its wonderful features to more advanced users.

    - Try improving XP performance (didn't have sp3 installed yet, i guess, for me it's still way slower than linux for lotsa tasks) so that users who need performance can install it- better if unofficially so they keep borked vista usage statistics up.

    Kudos to MS making things faster,the problem being MS will keep minding about performance o

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