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Password: Pencil writes: "The iPhone is insanely cool, a lot of fun to play with, and has spawned a fist-full of copycats — yes, we all know this.

But an interesting thing happened when I began to take a second look at deeda Inc.'s Pi. I first heard about this vapor gadget in April. Although it's obvious after re-visiting their new site and doing some digging around that deeda developed their products in 2005 with the help of Alps Electric, Toshiba, Wolfson Microelectronics and others — and deeda Inc. even released their designs on New Years Eve of last year — ahead of Apple

Regardless of these facts, Apple had a real, working device called the iPhone 8 days later — and to this day, deeda has yet to show anything that exists in any of our known dimensions of reality. Pi, it seems, only exists on the far-side of a Calabi-Yau manifold. Being a young company, I can be a little understanding of the delay because it's obvious you can't secure the kind of funding needed to manufacture, test, distribute, service and support devices like these overnight. Even major corporations tend to avoid investing in consumer electronics or wireless handset products for this very reason.

Digging deeper into deeda Inc. there are however 3 things I'm still really intrigued by:

1. I really like their "ecosystem approach" to devices. Web, desktop, and devices working in concert is exactly how it should be. I should be able to update things on my desktop application while offline, and then have my device, social network, and online account automatically update the second I connect back to the internet. Even if I'm just uploading videos and pictures to YouTube or my social net, I would love to have a desktop application that handles this for me instead of being locked into a browser all the time (unable to multi-task because I'm afraid it might be too much for my browser to handle, or that somehow I'm not babysitting my upload processes enough). Lastly, I like watching videos on YouTube with an iPhone, but I'd blow a load if I could watch videos, access pictures, or listen to music off my home computer instead. At the end of the day, accessing YouTube's servers is as arbitrary as accessing your home computer, but right now we're missing the middleware piece to be able to do this.

2. Adding a friend on Facebook is cool — adding my friend's handset is cooler. This is what the retarded creators of the Zune should have thought of (along with fixing 80 other problems). Sharing things while in-person is one thing, but having your devices actually become friends with each other and then seek each other out over IP would be awesome. This second part is what I see as the strongest part of deeda's vision. By seamlessly combining these three parts (web, desktop, and devices) what they've done is create the worlds greatest personal distribution system. In theory, you can now push pictures you take to the web where they are then distributed to your friends desktop application or devices — or any combination between the three.

3. You and I are in charge. This is something idealistic, but I'll still throw it in. I like believing that if this works out, people like me and you will be able to have a say in how things should work across these three ecosystem parts. One of my favorite comments from Engadget and Gizmodo's coverage in April (when they got Dugg and incorrectly branded as Meizu-like copycats) was that they laughed at deeda's emphasis on their "Open Source and Open Platform" approach to device OS. In fact, they have an open platform across all three areas (, deeda Desktop, and deeda Devices). Anyway, with Android on the scene, I'm sure nobody's laughing at Google. But deeda isn't Apple and it isn't Google — it's nobody — so once again, deeda gets no points for talking about something ahead of their competition but then not making it real. Yet, Open Platforms are still an integral part to deeda's ecosystem, and their well thought out approach still excites me. We've seen how everyone has jumped on Facebook's F8 Platform — now what if you could allow developers to create and deploy an application across the web, desktop and devices — all at the same time? To me THAT would be huge, and it would be really interesting to see what kinds of things we could all come up with for such a system.

So, am I now the worlds biggest Fanboy for a company without any products? Maybe. I'm sold on their vision anyway — and if they're really serious about listening to people for advice, and preserving an open development platform across all of their products, then I'll even consider donating or actively helping to make some of these parts — At worst, things would just stay as they are — stagnant or "under development" — but in the end, if deeda Inc. can somehow find a way to make all of this actually materialize into the real world, it would be a huge benefit to all of us. It might also be interesting to see what their tie-in with Motorola will do for their future handsets.

So to sum it all up:

deeda Inc. — So far a shitty execution, likely due to anemic funding — but still a better vision worth supporting."

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Not an iPhone clone, Pi is just a better Vision

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