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Submission + - 7-year-old laptop designers' club ( 2

Rosecrans writes: "Hi guys,

Thought you'd enjoy these interviews we just published (plus a gallery of example images) with a bunch of 7-year-olds who designed their own laptops out of construction paper. It's remarkable what they assign different keys to, and Amy Tiemann (a CNET parenting author) does a good job of putting it all in context. I know I wish my Macbook had a "kitten" or "riley werd games" key, or numerals that went up to 11.



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7-year-old laptop designers' club

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  • amazed at the detail level some kids included.

    I don't think at 8 or 9 I would've thought to put a button specifically for google on my laptop, or remember to include a numpad (which normally aren't on laptops anyway).

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