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Submission + - End to Stem Cell Harvesting Moral Debate In Sight 1

MikShapi writes: This Just In: Skin Cells can now be turned back to Stem Cells. A genetic modification to four genes using a viral vector reverses differentiating, making the cells revert to a stem cell state, capable for becoming any other cell in the body. Published in Cell and Nature by teams of researchers from the universities of Kyoto and Wisconsin, implications range from uprooting the moral justification for the GWB veto to expand funding for embryonic stem cell research, to an important step in the engineering roadmap to end (involuntary) aging. And, lest it go unmentioned, should this technique be adopted, stem cells will henceforth be abundant, easier and cheaper to come by for research and therapeutic purposes.
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End to Stem Cell Harvesting Moral Debate In Sight

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