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Submission + - What to do when someone else is using your email address? 7

periklisv writes: So, I was one of the early lucky people that registered a gmail address using my lastname@gmail.com. This has proven pretty convenient over the years, as it's simple and short, which makes it easy to communicate over the phone, write down on applications etc. However, over the past 6 months, some dude in Australia (I live in the EU) who happens to have the same last name as myself, is using it to sign up to all sorts of services. I daily receive emails from adult dating sites, loan services, government agencies, online retailers etc, all of them either asking me to verify my account, or, even worse, having signed me up to their service (especially dating sites), which makes me really uncomfortable, my being a married man with children.

I tried to locate the person on facebook, twitter etc and contacted a few that seemed to match, but I never got a response. So the question is, how do you cope with such a case, especially nowadays that sites seem to ignore the email verification for signups?
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What to do when someone else is using your email address?

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  • You are wasting your time trying to contact him. If it mattered he would have already noticed and changed his behaviour.

    Learn to use gmail's inbox filtering.

    • by Luthair ( 847766 )
      Nah, fuck with him.
    • by rwa2 ( 4391 ) *

      Yeah, from what it sounds like, the worst case scenario is that someone is targeting you and signing up for various spam services using your email address to troll you. There's not too much you can do about that, unfortunately. You can continue to add new spam filters as they sign up for new sites, but some stuff like the loan services might border on ID theft and they might eventually dig up enough info on you to actually destroy your credit history or something. You may need to abandon your lastname@gm

  • I got the lucky [first initial][common last name]@gmail eddress. I get stuff like this all the time. Airline tickets, ISP bills, retirement account details; I once received a spreadsheet of over 200 wedding guests with full contact info for all of them. One guy sent me a nude selfie thinking it was going to his own eddress.
    I just call them "Distant Relative" and paste in the required xkcd:

    Here's a relevant comic for you:
    https://xkcd.com/1279/ [xkcd.com]
    Hold your mouse over the picture for more in

  • What you do is request that you forgot your password. A request will be sent by e-mail to change it. Then change all the passwords so this other person can not log in anymore. They will eventually stop using your e-mail address for verification.

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