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afabbro writes: Wikipedia is again raising funds, on the heels of its million-dollar fundraising event in January. But an analysis of their budget may give you pause. Only about half of their spending is on the technology that powers Wikipedia — the rest is being consumed by a growing overhead. Of the foundation's $4 million budget, nearly $700,000 will be spent on "finance and administration," and an additional $700,000 is budgeted for the Office of Executive Director and the board of trustees salary and expenses alone, including a plan to spend $200,000 to relocate to rent-expensive San Francisco.
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Should you donate to Wikipedia? Maybe not.

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  • ...after this [] little charade.
    • That guy's insane for thinking that his donations were part of some kind of operating agreement.. they were donations- you don't get them back.
    • The nofollow was added because of the huge amount of blog spam being posted, and people abusing the ability to edit Wikipedia pages.

      Did he somehow think that his donations were paying for the increase he got in page rankings because of the links from Wikipedia?

      On the overall topic, Wikipedia is now a large organisation. It cost money to run. $200,000 to move it across the country is not a huge amount considering what was involved.

      I still prefer to donate instead of having ads on the site.

      A better reason to
  • The overhead for scientific research at many universities is roughly 50 cents for every dollar they spend. At national labs, it is even higher. By comparison, Wikipedia is more efficient. This story needs some context.

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