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Submission + - Greatest Intel Processor Decoder Ever!

An anonymous reader writes: According to EE Times, Intel has launched a tool ( ) to help its customers decode the myriad of different processors and chipsets that they make:

"The ARK (for Automated Relational Knowledgebase) site is intended as a way to navigate to detailed information such as data sheets on Intel's main processor and chip-set products. It sports a Google-like interface as well as pull-down menus that list lists more than 30 processor families and 50 chip sets. Drill down to the next level and you get a listing of as many as 20 individual products in the family, summary information on the family and links to data sheets and platforms using the chips."

Apparently, the one small catch is that one must register at first, but it seems like a small price to pay for the keys to the (silicon) kingdom!
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Greatest Intel Processor Decoder Ever!

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