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Submission + - Pseudoscience winning weblog award (scienceblogs.com) 1

OneMHz writes: A pseudoscience climate change denialist blog is currently winning the science weblog award. Why? Because conservative websites are encouraging people to go vote for it, whether they read it or not. Their strongest competitor, Bad Astronomy, needs help. I encourage people to go read it, then vote for it. They've embedded the science poll in the page, so you can vote there, or here. It's a sad day when pseudoscience wins over real sience...
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Pseudoscience winning weblog award

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  • Well, I suppose the award will be given based on what lobby group has the greatest syndication. If this makes its way out of the fire hose, my bet would be on the latter. Either way, the award doesn't mean squat as most who vote are just doing what they're told.

    Yeah, actually, that's pretty much how voting works. Never mind.

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