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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Secure delete files at kernel level 3

ArturoBandini77 writes: I have a Raspberry Pi, and I save images of the SD-Card pretty often.
I sometimes "dd" the SD, in order to overwrite "dirty" sectors with zero, in order to reduce compressed image size.
Is there a way to set Linux kernel so that every "delete file" operation zeroes the file before deleting it? I might aliasi `rm` to `srm`, but that won't do it since -for example- `apt-get clean` does not invokes rm command -just to name one case.
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Ask Slashdot: Secure delete files at kernel level

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  • But you can use fstrim instead of dd before you take backup images. Besides, having every delete result in a bunch of writes will just decrease your sd card lifespan and slow down disk IO.
    • Sure, you are right. But that was just one "use-case"...
      Functionality might be needed somewhere else. And, i might not care about SD lifespan... ;-)

  • If your SSD is working correctly this option will instruct your SSD to physically mark deleted block as empty so there's no way they can be recovered unless someone bypasses the IO chip on the SSD.

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