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Submission + - We made a mistake, so what? (timesnow.tv)

MissingRainbow writes: "An HCL employee was arrested and kept under custody for 50 days at Bangalore, India. His crime was to have defamed an historical person named Chhatrapati Shivaji, on Google's Orkut social networking site. Later the police found that they had the wrong person under custory and hence released him. When the police was asked about this their response was "We made a mistake. So what?". The error was that they relied on the information (the IP address) provided by internet service provider (ISP), Airtel. And that turned out to be false! Now who is responsible for this debacle? The ISP, for providing the wrong information or the police for not doing their due research before arresting the person? What if the ISP had some ulterior motive for doing this? Why no action is being taken against the ISP for providing false information?"
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We made a mistake, so what?

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