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Submission + - (Fly) Drive the road like a jet figther.

chicobaud writes: "I stumbled on this ready to market vehicle — the Venture One by Venture Vehicles — and I don't know if slashdot readers are aware of it or if it was published in here before. This is an hybrid 3 wheeled car with an option for a full gas motor with even bigger autonomy / range. It's a US $22.00 Dollars vehicle that's just amazing and fun to drive (watch the video on their web site). I wish I had one... This is a three wheel car that's rides like a true motorcycle. Well it's a car ! — but it rides like a jet air plane just one feet above the road with the behaviour of a motorcycle leaning as you make a turn. There are videos on their website to watch. Superb."
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(Fly) Drive the road like a jet figther.

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