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MojoKid writes: "The Asus Eee PC is now available for sale in the US as of today and there is more than enough buzz about this new, low-cost, ultra-portal computer that ships with a custom KDE-built interface for Linux. Though the machine has been viewed by some as a response to the XO-1 laptop from OLPC, but it appears to be less toy-like in its design. This full evaluation shows the Eee PC is built on Intel mobile Celeron technology and the 910GML Express chipset. Power consumption was measured at a miserly 15 Watts idle and 18 Watts under load with battery life in excess of 3.5 hours. There is also an abundance of software pre-installed on the machine, like Open Office applications, Skype, Pigeon and even a web cam."
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Under The Hood Of The Low-Cost Asus Eee PC

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