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Operating Systems

Submission + - Create virtual machine image of OS on hard disk 1

skristir writes: I have a couple of old clunker boxes on which I run Windows NT and Windows XP. They are around because I have s/w and data on them that I still need. Having upgraded to a reasonably powerful Linux (Ubuntu) machine, I was hoping that I could create virtual machine images from the hard disk and then de-commission the old hardware. I do have the original install disks, but I am not interested in re-installing all the s/w on a virtual machine. What would be the point of that?! Can anyone suggest how one would go about converting existing s/w on a hard disk into a virtual machine image? I looked at Xen and Virtual Box but not enough information is available. VMWare wants my money but I still don't know if it can do what I want....
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Create virtual machine image of OS on hard disk

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  • ...and do this:
    • Create a VM with a virtual hard disk the same size as the physical hard disk your old system resides in
    • Attach the real hard disk to the VM as a second disk
    • Boot the VM off a linux liveCD
    • dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sda bs=4096 (substitute actual devices, if you're using IDE mode instead of SCSI)
    • Detach the real hard disk
    • Boot the VM off the virtual hard disk
    • ...
    • Profit!

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