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Submission + - iPlayer interview with Ashley Highfield (bbc.co.uk)

rimberg writes: "26 minutes of questions and answers about iPlayer, DRM and cross platform support with Ashley Highfield, the BBC's Director of Future Media & Technology.
"The problem at the moment, there is no open source DRM. It's almost a contradiction in terms, if you have DRM how can you have it open source? Because open source people will be able to find out how it works and get round it."
"Once we get to that stage, where the content, wherever it goes, can have all the rules associated with how it should behave, and once its able to tell us who's viewing it, where they're viewing it ... then it doesn't really matter where the content goes"

listen in Mpeg3, Ogg Vorbis or AAC."

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iPlayer interview with Ashley Highfield

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