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Submission + - $2.3M NSF Grant Aims to Modify 8-Year-Old Girls' Behavior to Boost Coder Ranks 2

theodp writes: According to a $2,630,535.00 National Science Foundation Award Abstract, "Twin Cities PBS (TPT), the National Girls Collaborative (NGC) and [tech-bankrolled] will lead Code: SciGirls! Media to Engage Girls in Computing Pathways, a three-year project designed to engage 8-13 year-old girls in coding through transmedia programming which inspires and prepares them for future computer science studies and career paths." Kicking off in September, "Code: SciGirls! will foster greater awareness of and engagement in computer science studies and career paths for girls. The PBS SciGirls episodes will feature girls and female computer science professionals using coding to solve real-world challenges. The project's transmedia component will leverage the television content into the online space in which much of 21st century learning takes place. The new interactive game will use a narrative framework to help children develop coding skills. Drawing on narrative transportation theory and character identification theory, TPT will commission two exploratory knowledge-building studies to investigate: To what extent and how do the narrative formats of the Code: SciGirls! online media affect girls' interest, beliefs, and behavioral intent towards coding and code-related careers?"
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$2.3M NSF Grant Aims to Modify 8-Year-Old Girls' Behavior to Boost Coder Ranks

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