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Submission + - Old DST v. New DST and Old Devices 3

BanjoBob writes: Just a reminder that some of your VCRs, Off-line TiVos and other appliances with clocks may have the clocks wrong today. Today is the day that the OLD Daylight Savings Time kicked in. However, our government, in their infinite wisdom (and who can't leave anything alone) decided to change it and the change happens next week. So, all your old devices with automatically adjusting clocks may need to be manually set. For that, you can thank the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005. To save energy, U.S. legislators set the stage then for 34 weeks of DST, beginning this year.
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Old DST v. New DST and Old Devices

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  • Thanks. Now I have an excuse to show up to work an hour late tomorrow.
  • I had to adjust my time settings on a bunch of sites I go to today because I don't use US DST and they assume everyone does. Next week I get to go and put them back to normal again. At least Slashdot handled it right. :/

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