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Submission + - GNOME supporting Microsoft OOXML as ISO standard? (

christian.einfeldt writes: "According to long-time OpenDocument Fellowship member Russell Ossendryver, it appears that GNOME founder Miguel de Icaza's widely-publicized praise for OOXML as a 'superb standard' is being followed up with on-going support by the GNOME Foundation in 'resolving' the thousands of criticisms leveled against the purported Microsoft OOXML standard. In an open letter in his blog, Ossendryver calls on the GNOME Foundation to explain its apparent attempts to 'resolve' the criticisms, which is a pre-condition to acceptance of Microsoft OOXML as a second office productivity standard by the world ISO committee. Ossendryver urges the GNOME Foundation to halt its apparent support for OOXML as a standard and to put its efforts behind enhancing adoption of the genuinely open standard, the OpenDocument Format (ODF), which was approved by the world standards bodies as ISO/IEC standard 26300 on 2 May 2006."
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GNOME supporting Microsoft OOXML as ISO standard?

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