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The Internet

Submission + - FCC lags in technology

gateur writes: "I have been following information about the upcoming FCC spectrum auction. To make that effort easier I went to the FCC Web site to find their RSS feed so I could get the latest news and information releases on and ongoing basis.

I was amazed to find that, of all the agencies in the federal government, the one agency most responsible for the Internet is the only primary agency that does not offer an RSS feed.

The FTC has it, the FDA has it, same for NIH and even Homeland Security, but not the FCC.

Apparently, the only way to obtain their latest information is to visit the FCC.gov site and download each story, one at a time, in either Word or Acrobat formats.


When the agency responsible for advancing the Internet lags so far behind even other federal agencies, it's not surprising that America's technological prowess is trailing that of countries only a fraction in size."
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FCC lags in technology

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