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peacefinder writes: "Sam Adams recently announced he's running for Mayor of Portland, Oregon. A few of his fans registered a couple of websites on his behalf. The brewer of Samuel Adams beer noticed these new domains, and sent the registrants a Cease-and-Desist Letter claiming trademark infringement. Local bloggers are calling for a boycott of the beer, while another claims that — if there exists real confusion — Boston Brewing may be violating Oregon election law by continuing to sell its beer here. Can the Portland Beer Party be far behind?"
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Sam Adams vs Sam Adams

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  • One of the neat things about the C&D is how they claim they've been using "Sam Adams" as a trade name since 1984. Well, me boyos, this Sam Adams has apparently been using it since 1963. He can prove that that he has been using the name personally and professionally since before they were granted the trademark registration.

    I wouldn't be sure, but I think there are some federal regulations they're violating by attempting to restrict his right to use his own name in a political campaign, even if it is a
  • Their beers aren't that good, so, after having tried a couple different varieties, I don't buy them (my boycott decreases sales by none), but still - how stupid must they be?

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