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BBC refuses to publish Stallman article

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  • This just reads like a cross between a blog post and a manifesto. It's not a news article; it's too brash even for an opinion piece because you set out your 'vision of the world' with such bold rhetoric. This isn't about the BBC's biases, it's about yours.
    • by DaveCar ( 189300 )
      The Tech Lab is not a news column. See previous entries:

      Microsoft's UK managing director looks ahead to a time when computers do a better job of understanding what we want and when we want it.

      BT futurologist Lesley Gavin looks ahead to a time when real and virtual worlds mix as easily as making a mobile phone call.

      One of them says As part of a series inviting some of the world's leading technologists to speculate about the future ...

      I think he meets the criteria of the colums.

      Maybe it's just not warm and fu
      • It isn't that the BBC won't publish it, or at least if I understood the article submission correctly. BBC was unwilling to publish it with a copying permission notice It is that they won't publish it with a a statement permitting copying.

        I don't think it has anything to do with being warm and fuzzy or with bashing DRM, it is just that they won't publish it with permission to copy it. I can understand that position to a degree too. They asked for it to be authored for it's publication/program/whatever and ar
      • I still reckon it's just too bombastic and one-sided. I don't think it's their bias being behind its refusal - they could easily have just edited out the bit about iPlayer, for example.
  • I'd be interested in seeing the BBC's response.

    I suspect that the GBP and most Americans won't give a damn about their own privacy until things get much, much worse. Perhaps when corporations begin sending their own private "security forces" to bring people in for "questioning". Perhaps not even then.

  • I hope the reason we'd send that crapware to Alpha Centauri "at the slowest possible speed" would be so that they'd be unlikely to ever get it over there, or so that it would be really really outdated in comparison to Centauriware. But I don't see why we would take the chance that anybody would get stuck with it.

    ...btw, would Centauriware release alpha builds or would they go straight into beta?
  • What would you expect if you solicited an article from the president of The Free Software Foundation, credited with coining the term "copyleft"?

    Mindlessness at its best. Do they even research people before asking them to contribute?
  • Good article. Thank you for sticking to your guns (and everything else you have done and are doing).

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