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Submission + - ATI Laptops Broken by Ubuntu Gutsy ( 1

spitefulcrow writes: "The newest release of Ubuntu Linux, Gutsy Gibbon, includes a new kernel build that breaks compatibility with ATI's binary graphics drivers. The bug manifests itself in a complete system hang when attempting to use suspend-to-RAM on any machine using these drivers. The developers knew that this was an issue before releasing the update, and even commented on it in the official release notes, suggesting that users stop using the ATI-provided driver, refrain from using suspend-to-RAM, or just stay on Feisty Fawn. While taking the ideological high ground and refusing to change features of the release to support a binary driver may have appealed to Ubuntu's maintainers, the reality of the situation is that it results in an abysmal loss of functionality for a large number of users. This is hardly a step in the right direction for a distribution that prides itself in usability and "just working"."
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ATI Laptops Broken by Ubuntu Gutsy

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  • As a user of an ATI laptop (and a happy Gutsy user), I can safely say that this problem is nothing new. Suspend has not worked for me at all, but it really doesn't bother me: I either hibernate or shutdown. And this really isn't Ubuntu's fault: ATI failed to hold up their end of the bargain and did not release a good driver in time for the 7.10 release.

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