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Submission + - Absolute Poker compromised, blames programmer (egamingtoday.com)

Adam Selene writes: "It was nearly two in the morning on September 13th. After almost 5 hours of grueling play, two players are head-up on the final table of a $1000 buy-in NL tournament. CRAZYMARCO posts a $4500 big blind, a small token of his $214,260 in chips. He is dealt 9h 2h. Little does he know this hand will the last of the tournament, and the start of the biggest scandal in online poker history. Yesterday Absolute Poker finally admitted after weeks of denials what the evidence had conclusively proven. CRAZYMARCO's opponent, POTRIPPER, was able to see all the players' hole cards! Only after further evidence implicated former Vice President of Operations AJ Green and owner/executive Scott Tom, did Absolute Poker finally make a carefully worded admission of guilt, blaming all responsibility on a single rogue programmer! The online poker community is in an uproar, and the last word of this story has yet to be written."
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Absolute Poker compromised, blames programmer

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