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United States

Submission + - 15% of United States Workforce Routinely Drunk (sciencedaily.com) 3

bl8n8r writes: "According to an article based on research conducted by the University of Buffalo, Alcohol use and impairment at work is a problem for 15% of the U.S. workforce (19.2 million people). Not surprisingly, Among the broad group of occupations with the highest rate of use were the management and sales occupations with grounds maintenance pulling in an honorable mention. Perhaps the next interview will go better if you bring along some Crown Royal"
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15% of United States Workforce Routinely Drunk

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  • Their sample question seemed to indicate that a large portion of the workforce, had, at some point during that year, had a beer with lunch. I don't see how this indicates anything toward the general impairment of the workforce.
    • In fact this is part of the business meeting culture. If you take a client out to lunch, it is not uncommon to have a drink. Also, this is ignores functional alcoholics. Morals aside, some people function just fine with alcohol in their system.
  • And in other breaking news, people die instead of living forever.

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