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Submission + - Robotic Cannon Looses Control, Kills 9, 14 Wounded 1

TJ_Phazerhacki writes: "A new high tech weapon system demonstrated one of the prime concerns circling smarter and smarter methods of defense last week — an Oerlikon GDF-005 went wildly out of control during live fire test exercises in South Africa, killing 9. Scarily enough, this is far from the first instance of a smart weapon "turning" — the biggest concern seems to be finding the glitches in the system instead of reconsidering automated arms altogether. Sarah Connor, where are you?"
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Robotic Cannon Looses Control, Kills 9, 14 Wounded

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  • The reliability problem can be traced directly to the 150+ year old algorithmic software model. Yes, it's as old as Charles Babbage and Lady Ada Lovelace. Mainly, the algorithmic model cannot guarantee the execution order of software elements. Deterministic timing is a a must for reliability. Switch to a non-algorithmic, reactive, synchronous, and inherently parallel software model (see link below) and the problem will disappear.

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